Mastering Audio Content

This post won’t deal too much with the specific software solutions for your mastering needs. Instead, I want to touch on the theory behind audio mastering so that you can build into that. Read this and then search for software. I recommend Waves, iZotope Ozone 5, and I hear T-Racks is powerful. And since everyone wants that sound, I think Drake and 40 are using Pro Tools.

Remiss in almost every final master is cross-compatability. Yes, your content should sound good on a set of Genelec 1032A‘s. But the problem is that it isn’t too challenging to sound good on Genelec 1032A’s. Actually almost every speaker with at least an 8″ sub will give you a signal that kicks, snaps, and sounds clean.

Does that translate into your earbuds? What about your laptop? What about your laptop that doesn’t have Beats Audio?

Your mixing should reference earburds, the laptop, desktop speakers, car audio, headphones (I do like my Beats by Dre Studio phones), and, if you’re ballin’, Genelec 1032A’s.

Cross-referencing is the key to quality audio content. I hope you started from the bottom.

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Thanks guys.