Branding Music Technology

Branding Music Technology is an SEO blurb for audio engineers.

1. Branding Music Technology

When audio production became marginalized around 2000-2001, I was just starting out. This was a golden age in software – all those products are integrated systems technology that enlighten and develop the way I think.

They also triangulate talent. And yet they don’t punctuate it. They don’t brand you.

One way of looking at your brand is the strategy you have when you’re talented and the market finds you.

2.) Branding Music Technology

Market your music digitally. Learn about SEO. But please write good songs and make sure your mixes are  at least incredible.

Don’t oversaturate an already oversaturated market with something you KNOW sounds thin.

Jimmy Iovine said that every group should have at least one member who is a really strong songwriter. Nowadays, every group should also have someone who’s comfortable with being an engineer – someone that knows the numbers of sound.

To make the most of the energy in your music, optimize the quality of the audio content. Every band should start with a songwriter and an engineer. If you can’t hire both, go with the songwriter.

3.) Branding Music Technology

Pro Tools is the standard for engineers.

Everything else is the standard for producers and DJ’s. Fruity Loops, Ableton, Reason, Cubase, Massive, Akai, Moog, Maschine, ASR-10, Korg, Nord, Sony C-800. Use everything. Cross-pollinate hardware with software.